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About the App

Wellness Central is the mobile and web based application of Dr. Anoop Lal, Preventive Cardiologist and Corporate Wellness Consultant. The app is a comprehensive platform for keeping tab of the health and welbeing of employees (and families) of enterprises working with Dr. Lal. Registration is to be done using the unique Wellness ID provided during the enrollment process. For features and performance data, please scroll down .

Features of the App

Multi Platform Support

The app works seamlessly on all existing platforms, including PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. It also supports multiple browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Health Risk Assessment and Biometrics

The app has an intuitive user interface through which Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening of individual employees can be done and information maintained in complete confidentiality.


Personalized Communication and Wellness Tracking

Messaging features of the app allows highly personalized communication between clients and coaches, thereby ensuring that all aspects of individual wellness are tracked in real time.

Motivation and Rewards

The social networking features of the app allows employees to motivate each other by reviewing progress and the built-in credit system ensures that progress is rewarded.

Awareness and Education

Enrolled clients are imparted awareness and education in an ongoing manner through wellness tips, articles and videos.

Figures Speak!


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Wellness Outcomes



Productivity Improvement

Meet Dr. Anoop Lal

Meet Dr. Anoop Lal

Preventive Cardiologist, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Wellness Consultant

Dr. Lal did his MBBS, MD in Preventive Medicine and Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health from University of Kerala and obtained Fellowship in Preventive Cardiology from Apollo Hospitals/Martin Luther Christian University.

Dr. Lal’s academic career spans from Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at SMIMS, Tamil Nadu to Vice Principal, Professor & Head of Preventive Medicine at AIMSR, Kerala. He is also the founder of The Health and Wellness Institute and School Health Foundation of India.

Certified Corporate Wellness SpecialistDr. Lal, who is a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association, USA, conducts Wellness Seminars and Workshops and provides consultation to Enterprises looking to implement cost effective Workplace Wellness Programs.

An eminent clinician, Dr. Lal is also a qualified Epidemiologist, Health Data Analyst and avid researcher with more than 20 papers.

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